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Florence De Orellana

Pet Photography – Dog Photographer – Portrait Photographer

Cumbria The Lake District - UK

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I am a pet lover and pet photographer based in Cumbria, The Lake District, in the North West of England.


My specialty is classic pet portraits, capturing the character of your animal friend. Whether you have a dog or a cat, a rabbit or a hamster, all are welcome, where I aim to give you a very special photograph of your pet for you to enjoy and share.


To create that special image I have a fully equipped photographic studio allowing me to create beautifully lit photographic images of your dog or cat or any pet you love and cherish. To discover more visit my portfolio pages. For information about a photo session see my Q and A section.



I would love to hear from you, either by telephone or email. For all contact details click here.

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Moody portrait photography
Moody portrait photography

At the end of last year I decided to take the plunge and change over to mirrorless.

After a lot of research and debate between the Sony a7R IV and the new Canon R5, I decided to stick with Canon and go with the R5… and a new 85mm f1.2 lens!


As you can guess I was super excited to get this ordered, an early Christmas present to my self! But as it was 2020 of course my bubble got popped and there was a huge back order for them!


Four months later, in the third lock down and feeling pretty darn unmotivated, I see a Parcel Force van pull up! My lock down blues lifted and I’m like a little child on Christmas Day ripping into the box where I reveal a black box with a big R printed on the top, yes it was my new camera!


For the first few days I played about in the house with my cat Jasper and my old dog Lola, even with them both not being interested in posing for me I was amazed at how good the animal eye tracking was and how sharp I could capture the eyes even having the lens wide open at f1.2!

But I really wanted to do a proper photo shoot, and knowing my old girl couldn’t handle it, I asked my dad to be my model.


I decided to use my green backdrop that I originally made for my newborn photography, and a simple clam shell lighting set up, one light set above with the Octabox 75 on and a reflector set below my dad. I wanted to go for a dark moody vibe, so I asked him to wear his black top hat, black scarf and black jacket. Once I got the lighting set correctly I snapped away, getting my dad to move positions slightly.

Now normally I would tether up to the computer and be able to see on the large screen how my images were looking, but unfortunately Adobe haven’t made their software compatible with the R5 just yet. So if you get the R5 and have this problem do not worry your camera is NOT broken, and does not need to be sent back.. like I did and nearly had a melt down when the new one arrived and did the exact same thing! Oops!… Any way, as I was not able to tether I didn’t get to see how the images really looked until I uploaded them on to the computer, and wow I was lost for words, I could not believe the amount of detail it was able to pick up!


Straight away I started editing a couple of them and Im over the moon with them!


My thoughts:


As a pet photographer the animal eye tracking is a game changer for me, and to be able to actually open up the lens and know the eyes will be in focus is more than enough of a reason for me to have changed over!

Some people are a bit put off by the view finder being video, but it took me a few minutes to get used to it and I actually prefer it as it shows you the brightness of how the image will be captured. So no more taking test shots and missing the perfect expression because your images is blown out! I also love how much smaller and lighter the body is, my wrists were getting pretty bad with my old heavy camera!


I still need to play about with it a lot more once I can photograph pets again, but am I happy I changed over? 100% YES!

Canon R5

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