Forever Homes

The other day I had Hannah and Chuck back in the studio for a pet photography session with their new rescue puppy Goblin! And I want to tell their story as I think what they have done for these dogs is amazing.

In 2018 Hannah brought Guinness into the studio, they had rescued Guinness from Milnthorpe Kennels. Guinness sadly had a tough life and was found wandering the streets covered in wounds consistent with dogfighting. Guinness had been in the kennels for two years until Hannah and Chuck visited the kennels, even though they knew he had some issues with other dogs and an old leg injury that would bother him every now and then they knew he was the dog for them. Guinness had a lot of love to give and was happiest when he was cuddled up with his new family, and when Guinness came into the studio I got to experience this love, all he wanted to do was sit on my lap. Unfortunately due to his rough start to life it ultimately shortened his life and passed away February last year, but thanks to Hannah and Chuck his last few years were surrounded with so much love and was part of a family.

After Guinness passing away they weren't ready to add a new family member just yet, but still wanted to help and fostered a couple of dogs from the RSPCA and got them ready for their forever homes. Then Goblins mother was rescued while pregnant with the puppies, she was rescued from a house with multiple animals that weren't receiving the care they needed. Because Hannah and Chuck had already rescued and fostered dogs they were able to have an early pick of the litter when the puppies were born in the kennels and they picked their new little boy Goblin! Goblin is their first puppy and said there is a whole new set of challenges to deal with but that he is doing amazing and has completed their family again!

I have a huge amount of respect for Hannah and Chuck as rescue dogs can have issues, but this didn't faze them and gave these dogs a second chance at a happy life!

R.I.P Guinness

You gave so much love and you were loved by so many people.

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