On Friday 14th August 2020 we had to say goodbye to our beautiful girl Molly.

On Thursday night Molly took a bad turn and had to be rushed to the vets, they were brilliant with her, kept her in over night and a lovely vet stayed by her side all night trying to comfort her. Sadly by the morning she wasn’t any better and we had to make the hardest decision in our lives ever and take the pain away for Molly and let her go over the rainbow bridge.

Molly was the kindest, loving dog ever, she would always bring a smile to your face when she bumbled into the room. Even in her old age she would still act like a little puppy, having burst of energy where she would bound around and get her zommies on, then would need a good hour nap after haha!

Walks will never be the same without her, I remember one time I was walking with a friend with my two, Molly and Lola, and my friends young dog Gypsy. We were chatting ahead and I looked back to check on Molly and she had turned around to wait for a different couple and started to walk with them because they were slower haha!

She loved having so much attention, she would come over to you and paw at you for a cuddle, but if you weren’t looking at her while you stroked her she would paw at you until you looked at her! She could snore the house down, even while awake haha! The house has never felt so quite, I would do anything to hear her little grunt or slobber just one more time.

We are so lucky to have 15 years of amazing memories of Molly, even if it doesn’t feel nearly long enough! And I have never been more happy that I chose to be a pet photographer, we are so lucky to have so many images of Molly to look back on.

Molly you will always have a place in our hearts and you will be missed every single day.

We all love you to the moon and back!

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