Work Experience

The other day I had Lizzy in for work experience, who is in her last year of university at Ucaln in Preston studying Photography.

I thought I would show her a way of lighting that can really make the subject stand out, wrap around lighting. Once everything was in place I showed her how to use the Broncolor app to change the power of the lights, also showing her that the best way to see what the lights are doing is by turning them all off and then bringing the others back in one by one, testing as you go.

Once we were all set to go I brought Jasper in, first we checked the lighting again as animals fur can suck the light up. I let Lizzy take the camera and let her capture him while I kept Jasper entertained on the table. We were very lucky that Jasper was extremely vocal that day and she captured this brilliant shot of him looking wild and fierce.

Lizzy very Kindly said I could edit the images, here is mine that I picked and I can't wait to see her finished results!

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