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Studio photographic session - £75


This includes:


Photography session which on average can last two hours

One pet or £25 per additional pet.

Viewing and ordering appointment at the studio


The above costs are payable at booking and are non refundable.

All wall art and digital image costs are in addition to this.

Studio photography


On arrival we let your pet wander around the studio so they get used to the environment and the shooting area. While they are exploring I will test-fire the flash lighting to get them used to it.


Once we are happy your pet is comfortable we can start the shoot. While I take the pictures I ask the owner to stand to the side of the set with either treats or their favourite toy depending on which will get the pet's attention the most.


We can try different types of shots, full portrait, headshots, fun shots and, if the dog is a small breed, we have a few props we can try using.


I like to give the pet a break halfway through so they don’t get over-excited. I have no time limit on the shoot as each pet reacts differently to the set and can take longer to settle and stay on the background.


Once I am happy I have a good selection of photos we will arrange a viewing date for you to come back to the studio. For this I will have selected the best images and carried out initial retouching to a couple of them.

I can then help you chose which image(s) you wish to carry forward to full post-production and the various wall art options. Samples of which can all be seen in the studio.

If you wish to bring a reference of where the wall art is to go in your home this may assist in the choices.


The wall art orders are taken and paid for during the viewing session.


Completion of my post-production retouching and finished wall art delivery takes on average three weeks.


Once the wall art has arrived I will contact you to arrange a collection date at the studio. If you live outside the county, delivery can be sent direct to your home.


All copyright is with Florence De Orellana Photography, without affecting your personal private use of the images of your pet. 

For more information please contact me either by email or phone.